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Artist book [Cry for LOVE -What Women Feel-] vol. 1 (TR -半透明表紙版)

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Front Cover: See-through Translucent version: TR
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A: Bounded with a shining brown thread (long end)
B: Bounded with a light purple thread (short knot)

The book contains the images of Misako Oba's 10 encaustic mixed media artworks from the series Truth in Emotion, Beyond Time and Space, inspired by the ancient Japanese poems called Hakunin Isshu (100 poems by 100 poets), the anthology of ca. 7th-13th century Japanese Waka poems, along with the original Japanese poems, the meaning of each poem in calligraphy, and the descriptions.

Part 1 of her series is titled Cry for LOVE - What Women Feel, a collection of desperate love poems by female poets. The emotions are truly 'beyond time and space'. This is Oba's first handbound artist book series. (There is a unique encaustic art front cover version as well.)

Font Cover: Translucent paper
Handbound by the artist with thread.
Hand numbered, signed, and signature stamped.
Pigment print. Handbound by the artist with white thread.
UV-coated pigment print. 20 pages.
One -page insertion of the series description in Washi paper.
182 x 132mm (approx. 7.2 x 5.2 inch)

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アーティスト・ブック「時空を超えて 愛を求めて 〜女の気持ち〜」 Vol. 1
(半透明表紙版) Translucent cover version

A: 輝薄茶色の糸で製本(本の中心頁で長切)
B: 薄紫の糸で製本 (本の中心頁で短切)

※半透明表紙の代わりに、蜜ろうオリジナル・アートカバー(表紙)版もあり。同ショップ内にない場合は、現在取り扱いできるものをご連絡させていただきますので、お気軽にContact からお問い合わせください。


- アーティスト・サイン、印入り
- 182 x 132mm。20頁+の和紙に解説1頁入り
-2020年 手とじ製本.
UVコート pigment print. Editioned.

*本の内容はアート表紙を同様です :

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¥3,300 tax included